About Actega

ACTEGA develops and produces specialty coatings, sealants, printing inks, and adhesives for rigid and flexible packaging and the graphic arts industry. These products not only deliver an attractive appearance to materials such as metal, paper, paper board or plastic, but also provide them with defined functionalities, such as high chemical resistance and physical durability.

About API Foils

API is a leading manufacturer & distributor of foils, laminates, & holographic materials, which provide exceptional brand enhancement for consumer goods and printed media worldwide. API enables companies across a wide-range of industry sectors including premium drinks, personal care, cosmetics, and healthcare to empower brands on the shelf & in hand.

About Ashland

Ashland is a leading, global specialty chemical company that provides the specialty chemicals, technologies, and insights to help customers create new and improved products. Markets include personal care, pharmaceutical, energy, automotive, food and beverage, construction, architectural coatings, and other specialty markets.

About Breit Technologies

Breit Technologies is a global supplier of Cast and Cure, selling all of the specialized equipment and film needed for this process. As a provider of cost effective and environmentally friendly decorative printing processes, their goal is to provide innovative solutions to customers that create product differentiation and increased visual impact.

About Eckart

Eckart is one of the leading international manufacturers of metallic pigments for the paints and coatings, graphic arts, plastics, cosmetics and lightweight concrete industries. Their broad range of high-quality products for a wide variety of applications can be used to create stunning visual effects.

About EMD Performance Materials

EMD Performance Materials offers highly innovative materials for advanced technologies and high-tech chemicals for advanced applications to a wide range of customers. With comprehensive investments in R&D, they have a leading position in consumer electronics, lighting, printing technology, plastics applications, and cosmetics.

About INX International

INX International is among North America’s top three ink providers. Only INX International focuses solely on formulations for printing, from basic chemistries through finished product. With INX Digital, they are a leading provider of environmentally conscious ink systems for digital printing operations.

About K Laser Technology

K Laser Technology is a leading supplier of textile foils, cold foils, hot stamping foils, holographic films, paper, and paperboard. Dedication and extensive experience in holographic manufacturing has enabled them to develop cost-effective and customized solutions that meet customers' marketing and security objectives.

About Kurz

KURZ is the world leader in the hot and cold foil stamping industry. Their hot stamping foils are utilized on packaging, greeting cards, electronic devices, household appliances, cosmetics, textiles, furniture, automotive parts, and numerous other items. KURZ's magnetic foils and holograms provide effective and attractive brand name protection.

About Michelman

Michelman is moving the industry forward with innovations in print receptive, functional and barrier coating technologies for digital print, flexible packaging, paper and corrugated applications. Their products enhance the surface qualities of coatings and inks, make composites tougher, and expand the possibilities of paper and film with barrier, functional, and aesthetic features.

About Sun Chemical

Sun Chemical, a member of the DIC group, is the world’s largest producer of printing inks and pigments and a leading provider of materials to many industries. Markets and applications include packaging, publication, coatings, plastics, cosmetics, electronic materials, functional and specialty coatings, brand protection and product authentication technologies.




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