About acpo, ltd.

ACPO, ltd. has been in business for 30 plus years. They are dedicated to manufacturing self-wound pressure sensitive roll label films to the label and flexible packaging industries. They pride themselves on maintaining the highest quality manufacturing standards, while providing customers with superior products, exceptional service, and on time shipments.

About Aplix

APLIX is a global company with a more than 60-year history of providing hook and loop fastening solutions. APLIX is committed to providing innovative and value added fastening solutions to market leaders while respecting social, economic, and environmental needs.

About Aptar Group

The Aptar family of companies is the leader in the global dispensing systems industry. Offering a full range of products for the beauty and home, food and beverage, and pharma markets, Aptar focuses on designing, engineering, and producing innovative dispensing solutions that deliver convenience, precision and simplicity to millions of people everyday.

About Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison is a global leader in labeling and packaging materials solutions. Their Label and Packaging Materials division offers pressure-sensitive label and packaging materials that deliver best-in-class pressure-sensitive film solutions whose beauty and performance help enhance some of the world’s most successful brands.

About Charter Nex Films

Charter NEX films is North America's leading independent producer of high-performance specialty films used in flexible packaging and other critical performance applications. With both blown and cast film capabilities, their products are ideal for food, consumer, medical, and protective applications.

De La Rue

De La Rue is a world leader in developing and implementing fully managed products and services that deliver brand protection. Their packaged solutions combine customized designs with global coverage capability. This ensures that each product has a unique identifier to be tracked individually over its full lifetime, from source to consumption.


Eska is the leading global manufacturer of recovered paper-based substrates for a wide variety of industries and applications. These include hardcover books, stationery, luxury packaging, puzzles and games and numerous others. With 130 years of practical experience, Eska has built up comprehensive knowledge to provide the market with the right products.

About Flex Films

FlexFilms is part of Uflex Limited, one of the world's leading producers of flexible packaging materials and systems. FlexFilms produces Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Films and Cast Polypropylene (CPP) Films. These films are supplied as plain, coated, or high barrier metalized films with or without special surface treatments.

About Fresh-Lock®

Fresh-Lock® is a global leader in both slider and press-to-close zipper technology.  Their wide range of reclose options for flexible packaging have been engineered to deliver superior performance, consumer convenience and brand loyalty. The name says it all…. Fresh-Lock® Zipper is a business of Presto Products Company.

About GPA Specialty Substrates

GPA redefines the boundaries of print by providing innovative substrates and unparalleled support to the graphics arts industry. Their offerings complement the widest range of printing technology, including digital, dry toner, offset and wide format presses. The combination of GPA’s extensive product selection and support from its passionate experts provides companies a competitive advantage by helping make impactful visions reality.

Harmony Paper

Harmony Paper Company produces premium papers and plastics for the commercial print and packaging markets, including vat-dyed covers, specialty coated papers, and PET films. Diamond Print Glitter™ is optimized for virtually all print platforms, these unique glitter papers have photo-grade print quality, zero glitter shedding, crack-free folding, and brilliant shine.

About Iggesund

Iggesund Paperboard is Europe's leading manufacturer of high quality virgin fibre paperboard for use in the packaging and graphics sectors. Iggesund owns Invercote and Incada, two of the leading paperboard brands in the market. The two brands are preferred by some of the most demanding brand owners on earth for their durability and design versatility.

About Jindal Films

Jindal Films is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of specialty biaxially orientated polypropylene (BOPP or OPP) films, supplying the flexible packaging industry with innovative packaging and labeling solutions. The Jinal Films product range includes multi-layer clear, white opaque, and metalized films along with water-based coated films.

About Klockner Pentaplast

Klockner Pentaplast leads the world in the production of rigid plastic film solutions for primary packaging of pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, medical devices, and consumer, as well as printing and specialty applications. Their film solutions protect products, ensuring both product integrity  consumer health and safety.

About Luxe Films

LuxeFilms provided innovative finishing films that inspire brand owners, designers, and publishers in creating dynamic print and packaging solutions that capture consumer and market share. Their thermal laminates come in both printable and overlaminate films.

About Neenah Packaging

Neenah Packaging provides premium papers that create extraordinary packaging for labels, box wrap, gift cards and gift card carriers, bags, tags, folding board and more. Neenah’s papers offer an incredible canvas with an endless amount of beautiful colors, textures, and finishes to break through to consumers, conveying the high quality and desirability of products.

About RKW-Group

The RKW-Group is a globally active company that manufactures films and nonwovens. They offer a wide range of highly-specialized products for a broad spectrum of applications in consumer packaging, industrial packaging nonwovens, medical and hygiene, industrial, agriculturalm nets and construction films.

About SaverGlass

SaverGlass is a global specialist in the manufacture and decoration of glass bottles luxury and high-end, the SaverGlass group provides innovative solutions to groups and brands in sectors wines and premium and super-premium spirits, perfume, cosmetics and food.

About S-One/LexJet

S-One Labels & Packaging provides integrated material solutions for digital printers – from primers and films to coatings and adhesives that allow brands to optimize and customize high-performing packages while getting to market faster. The first digitally focused provider, S-One LP’s team offers a high degree of technical knowledge to help businesses adapt quickly to evolving markets and customer demands.

About Toray

Toray Group is an integrated chemical industry group that fuses nanotechnology into its operations, using organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry and biotechnology as its core technologies. Business groups include: fibers and textiles, plastics and chemicals, IT related products, carbon fiber composite materials, pharmaceuticals and medical products.

About UPM Raflatac

UPM Raflatac develops and manufactures high-quality, high-performance self adhesive label materials for product and information labeling. Their film and paper label stocks are designed to build brand, provide competitive advantage and streamline operations.

About Zip-Pak

Zip-Pak serves customers and markets around the globe, offering a complete range of resealable closure services, machinery and solutions. Zip-Pak applications for resealable packaging are unlimited and all are uniquely designed to offer greater convenience to consumers.




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