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Understanding packaging trends is an essential part of knowing what the consumer is ready to accept. By tracking the evolution of a trend designers can more readily predict what paths trends may take, and according to Bill Gardner, owner of Gardner Design, this knowledge gives designers and brands a definite edge.

Online graphic design marketplace 99 Designs shares predictions by freelance graphic designer, Martis Lupus. Using information gathered from the platform Lupus forecasts the top 10 trends on the horizon for the upcoming year. To learn more about the trends read his article: 10 creative packaging designs trends for 2018.

Here at Haney we can help realize incorporating these trends in your packaging through physical samples that you can touch, feel, see. To learn more about working with Haney and our VIA Alliance™ program contact Haney at:

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It's What's on the Inside that Matters... Or Is it?

At GPA, collaborating with global brands and manufacturers allows us to stay on top of evolving market demands for innovative products. In the luxury packaging world, there are a series of design processes that, in our opinion, are becoming hot trends within the industry therefore driving some of our newest product offerings.
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